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July 1st to 4th: Work Continued on Several Fronts!

Click on each image for a closer look!
Despite the recent diversion of many of our volunteers to the operational needs of the museum, we also got some work done on our museum “assets” between July 1st and 4th.
The crossing gates are back in place as is the miniature railway water tower. We actually used the tower to fill Sweet Creek's tender a couple of times in this period. Water comes out of that hose at a substantial flow rate cutting watering time down to a fraction of that needed to fill it with the hose alone. We also checked out the gate control electronics and sensors which work fine. Finally we did some more track levelling on the miniature railway.
On Friday, July 2nd, two of our volunteers spent the day repainting the steps to the cab of the F7 Diesel Cab Simulator and painting the frame of the U33C Cab. We were only able to paint the F7 steps white primer prior to the Doors Open event. As can be seen in the “before, during and after” pictures above of the F7 Cab, the bright white steps no longer distract a visitor attention from the F7 cab itself now that the steps are painted black. We also took the opportunity to prime the surfaces on the steel underframe which we had constructed to support the U33C Cab. It was built of unpainted steel and was starting to show signs of rust.
Posting and pictures by Russ Milland

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