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CRHA Niagara & The Longest Day!

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The Canadian Railway Historical Association headquartered in Montreal at Exporail, is a national organization with local chapters throughout Canada. The CRHA Niagara division has been an active chapter of the CRHA for many decades. Their most popular activity is railfanning, a "sport" whose history waas documented by Derek Boles of the TRHA in an earlier TRHA five part series of news postings called "A Brief History of the Railfan Hobby in Canada". Please also note that Derek Boles publishes a "Guide to Railfanning in Toronto 2010" which can be accessed from the Resources Page of the TRHA website.
CRHA Niagara has tradition of organizing a dusk to dawn railfanning expedition on a day close to the Spring equinox, the longest day of the year. I was able to join them this year (unfortunately) only for the first hour or so of their great expedition. The attached pictures were taken at Bayview Junction, perhaps the premier train viewing location in Ontario. This year, they began their journey by cooking a breakfast for all attending. While I was there, we did capture for posterity a VIA train passing by. As I left, I noticed that one of the crew was quite serious in their railfanning with their van being suitably lettered for the task as seen in the attached picture.
Posting and Pictures by Russ Milland

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