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Weekend Report Part 2 - Groups Tour Roundhouse Park!

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Last Saturday, we hosted two groups of railway enthusiasts who appropriately arrived by train in Union Station. CRHA Niagara is the division of the Canadian Railroad Historical Association (CRHA) covering the Niagara Region. They arrived on the first GO train of the day from Niagara Falls which currently operating on summer weekends. For over 30 years this group have been travelling throughout North America in search of operating railways and railway musuems. They meet monthly in St. Catharines to share their stories and pictures from these railfan trips as well as be informed by guest speakers. Use the CRHA Divisons Web Page to contact CRHA Niagara.
The second group to visit were the Kingston Chapter of the CRHA. They arrived on a VIA train. The group first participated in Derek Bole's montly tour of Union Station and then toured Roundhouse Park. The tour was led by Lance Gleich of the TRHA using the newfound knowledge that he and many other TRHA volunteers acquired a week earlier at a special training session led by Derek Boles. In the accompanying images we find them in various locations in the park. Several of their members were especially interested in the construction approach used for the miniature railway.
The reponse and feedback from the members of both groups to the experience of visiting us and taking the tour were terrific and very encouraging to all of the folks in the TRHA who have worked so hard to bring the Toronto Railway Heritage Centre into being.
Note: If your group wish to arrange a tour of the Roundhouse during those weekend hours when we are open, this must be prebooked with us to ensure that we have the staff available. We do not charge for such tours at the present time but do ask that a donation be made by tours or individual tour members in any of the many donation boxes available through the site.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Russ Milland & Wilson Lau

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