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Field Trip Report: The Milton Steam Era Event - Part 4

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As we close this series of posts about the Milton Steam Era Show last Labour Day weekend, we are posting some pictures which show the wide variety of equipment on display at this annual show. At the upper left, we see one of the earliest gasoline driven tractors. It is pretty obvious that when gasoline engines appeared that the builders of steam tractors simply replaced the boilers with a large gasoline engine and an even larger radiator. Just as with the transition from horse drawn buggies to cars and from steam locomotives to diesel-electric locomotives, the designs then subsequently evolved into ones more appropriate to the new motive power. In the middle picture above we see a more modern gasoline driven tractor which was actually built by Porsche, the famed sports car company.
There was also a fine small show of antique automobiles at the event, a couple of which are shown in the image at lower left. In the middle picture below, we find an competitor in the "tractor pull". The driver of the tractor attempts to pull the heavily weighted trailer as far as he can. As the trailer moves, the heavy weight on the trailer bed steadily moves forward increasing the weight on the tongue of the trailer. The final image at below right captures a threshing machine participating in the mid-day parade of vehicles past the grandstand. These machines are used to mow down stalks of grain and separate the grain from the stalks.
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Posting and pictures by Russ Milland

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