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Donation: 35 MM Slide of TH&B Caboose #70 in Service

Click on each image for a closer look!
One dream that we in the TRHA have is to have lots of photographic images of the equipment that we have acquired for the museum to both help us in our restoration efforts and to also allow for visual interpretation of our artefacts' history.
Wilson Lau of the TRHA spotted a 35 mm slide for sale on eBay with our TH&B #70 Caboose as the subject. He bid for the slide and won the auction.
We then used a high quality digital slide and film scanner to render it as an electronic image in such high resolution that the resolution of the 35 mm film media was preserved. The resulting image file is over 100 megabytes in size. We also used powerful image "cleaning" software to produce a copy with dirt and scratches eliminated.
The image above shows the result albeit in a reduced resolution format suitable for this TRHA News posting. The second image is a blow-up of a small area of the image from the high resolution electronic version. This provides a glimpse into the detail that is preserved when converting from a slide to an electronic image using this technology.
The original image was captured using Ektachrome film by Edward J. Stoll in August of 1971 in Hamilton, Ontario as noted on the 35 mm slide itself. The film and slide scanner used was the Dimage Scan Elite 5400 sold by Konica Minolta.
For more information about our TH&B caboose, click here.

If you have pictures of any of our collection actually in service, we would appreciate being able to make a copy especially if the image is on a slide or film negative. Let us know through our contact page on this website.
Posting by Russ Milland

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