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Weekend Report - Part 2: A Great Three Day Thanksgiving Weekend

Click on each picture for a closer look!
We continued to have a great weekend as Sunday and Thanksgiving Monday unfolded. As Michael Guy reports:

"We had a very nice fall weather Thanksgiving day today, nippy in the breeze but very nice when the sun came out. Lots of people were out in the park and we did well with #6213, the miniature railway, the turntable and TH&B van as our main attractions for the day. We were busy all day and once again proved that it takes at least twelve people to operate the TRHC and probably a dozen and a half to operate everything.
We "officially" closed the miniature railway for the day about five p.m.
But after firing up the barbecque for a quick meal, we continued to run the occasional train for a few visitors."
As dusk fell, additional trial runs with the miniature railway were undertaken in the dark to help plan for the upcoming night time run for small goblins on Halloween
. The images below were taken as dusk fell. In our next postings we will share pictures taken during this night time operation.
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Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Derek Boles, Stephen Gardiner and Lance Gleich

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