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Weekend Report: Saturday - A Cold and Rainy Day!

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Saturday dawned as a rainy day with the rain persisting until early afternoon. Despite there also being an Toronto Argonauts football game that afternoon, there were few visitors all day but our volunteers soldiered on and we did run all day. CNR #6213 was manned all day and rides offered on the miniature railway, the turntable and the simulator. Undeterred by the rain, a group of visitors from England visited the museum and we had a fine discussion about museums and tourist railways in our respective countries.
In the images accompanying this News posting, note that access to our CNR #6213 Northern steam engine is now from a point between it and our CNR #4803 GP7. This provides for much better situation from a safety perspective as groups of visitors were quite close to the miniature railway trains passing by in our prior setup.
Posting and pictures by Russ Milland

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