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Weekend Report: Sunday - A Visit by the Toronto Police Mounted Unit!

Click on each image for a closer look!
On Sunday October 3, the Toronto Railway Heritage Centre had a visit from the Toronto Police Mounted Unit. The horse unit was formed in 1886 to provide crowd control and is now stationed at the Horse Palace at the Canadian National Exhibition with a strength of 27 horses and 40 officers. Despite the serious purpose of this unit, visitors to Toronto and law-abiding citizens always appreciate these magnificent steeds and their smartly uniformed officers.
At 1:45 PM, the officers and their mounts were at the eastern end of Roundhouse Park getting ready for their appearance at the Rogers Centre where they were participating in the Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association (TPAAA) Police Games which attracts thousands of spectators for a show of sport and spirit of emergency responders and raises money for the Toronto Police Widows & Orphans Fund.
The mounted patrol was first spotted by our ever-alert train crew, at which point Derek Boles rushed over with his camera. The first image shows Mike Salisbury steaming by with a number of passengers probably wondering what was up. Mike, recognizing a photogenic opportunity when he saw one, completed the circuit of Roundhouse Park, steaming past Don for another circuit with the same train load of by-now delighted passengers. Meanwhile Derek identified himself to the officers and they agreed to pose with our train for the many spectators who were gathering with their cameras. In the second photo we see Mike steaming by the east end of Cabin D and bringing the train to a stop. The officers did request that Mike not blow the whistle as it would spook the horses (as it has to hundreds of visitors to Roundhouse Park this summer). In Image 3, we see the patrol positioning themselves around our train and the final image shows the train framed by the most impressive escort we are ever likely to enjoy.
The Toronto Railway Historical Association extends our appreciation and thanks to the members of the Toronto Police Mounted Unit who certainly brightened our day and those of our visitors.
Photos and story by Derek Boles

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