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Unstoppable! - Another runaway (success) train movie!

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Another "runaway train movie" called "Unstoppable!" has just hit the theatres. It is based on a real event back in 2001 which was documented by CNN here. Reviews by rail fans on the Internet have been generally favourable. Here are a few:

“Yes, this is Hollywood from start to finish! Lots of action with this one but was disappointed with Denzel’s performance. Chris Pine, the "Conductor" co-star really didn’t seem to fit in this movie at all. How about a train running on 6 flanges on the curve rated at 15mph but managed to take it at 45 mph without tipping over. If I remember right when the train hit the horse trailer it hit the left hand side of the Loco and knocked out the ditch light and handrails. Well the next scene, the damage is on the engineers side! –oops. With all this said, it was good movie, the best since Steven Segal’s' Under Siege 2, which took place on a train." - Scott Weatherford

“My version of the movie would go like this. Dewey gets off the line the switch, he falls. The engine is in run 8 for about 40 seconds and the alerter goes off, it applies a penalty application, the train stops in about an investigation in about a week and give Dewey 30 days off. The end. But hey, that's just the railroader in me.
another quarter mile. They have
The movie was actually very entertaining. I still want to know the answer to this question – If Denzel (Washington) could run on the top of the cars to tie brakes, why didn't he just keep going all the way to the engines and stop them?

For the non-railroaders here, you will enjoy it. I just hope that if my locomotives ever de-rail on their side, they won't instantly combust in a huge fireball giving me at least a minute or two to collect my thoughts and wiggle my way out to a safe distance before the pyrotechnics go off.” - Matt Schroedle

“Just noticed that Athearn is releasing CP AC4400CW #9751 in January, which is one of the units that was used for the filming of "Unstoppable". The model is painted as CP 9751 was after being released from filming, back in CP paint, but still with the yellow striping on the plow. The real CP unit can be seen here. The Athearn model can be seen here.” - Tim Hayman

Click here to visit the movie's website. Click on the video below to watch the movie trailer:


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