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Weekend Report - Part 1 - Removing Roofing & Building Crew Facilities

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This weekend saw another successful assault on a large project list by our intrepid group of volunteers. At the upper left we see one of the new pathway crossing installations which were completed last week. In the upper middle image, we find David Flinn, a stalwart supporter of the TRHA from south of the border, on his annual visit to the Toronto area during which he participated in our work teams this week. Here Dave is enjoying operating the U33C diesel-electric simulator. At the right above, we find our crew working to complete the platforms to support our crew facilities such as our lockers and tool cabinets.
Below we see the progress being made to remove the old roof covering on the Jackman passenger car in preparation for its being re-roofed in the very near future. At the lower right, we see one of the roof ventilators.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Lance Gleich & Russ Milland

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