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Salvaging Parts for LRC #6917!

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As reported in an earlier news item this year, we successfully undertook a fund raising campaign which resulted in our acquiring one of the last LRC diesel-electric locomotives - #6917 - before it and its sister locomotives were scrapped.
On December 8th, 2010, Jason
Shron of the TRHA (who headed up the campaign!) and Dan Garcia led a team of volunteers who undertook to strip useful parts from the carcass of one of the LRC #6919. #6919 had been sold to a salvage firm who removed the prime mover and traction generators from the unit. They generously advised us that we could have whatever we wanted from what was left. So earlier in the evening of December 8th, we loaded a large box onto my trailer with valves, parts, doors, window glass. You name it - we have it!
The TRHA continues to raise funds to finance the restoration of the engine to operating condition and to move it to a new location. To contribute to this campaign, click here!
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Posting by Michael Guy; Pictures by Michael Guy &
Mark Kaluza

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