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Twas the day before Christmas .....

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Tom Murison and his team were responsible for the restoration of Cabin D, the Tool Shed, Don Station and the Shanty and currently are working on roof restoration of our passenger cars. They have sent us this poem featuring Christmas and Roundhouse Park:

"Twas the day before Christmas
The weather was iffy
And the geezer was pleased That his shanty was spiff

The lights were a sparklin'
Up on the fir tree

And the dogs were now scarce
On T O property

Yet still came a rumble
And whine from Cape Race

As the elves were a fixing

The roof on that place

Twas redwood not cedar
Surprised was the boss
Old Sequoias protected
For owls and for moss

"No Fear" said the crew

We'll use cedar and pine
And fix it with stainless

Planes sharpened up fine

So the elves laboured long
But they still liked to feast
On fine cuts of Hereford
bar-b-qued from the beast

They raise up a can

of the Whistling Steam
To wish all of you cheer

From the Murison Team

All the best for 2011 from Tom, Walter, Peter D., Peter C, Lynn, Ed, Aaron, Mac, and Johnny

Among the above images, you will find a Christmas tree in the Shanty which Tom installed to help us celebrate the Holiday season.
Read on to the next posting below for TRHA's season's greetings to one and all.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Michael Guy

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