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A unique Canadian invention - the Rotary Plow!

Continuing our reporting on the topic of the railways dealing with the challenges of plowing snow from their tracks, the video above captures an Ontario Northland train using a locomotive mounted plow to blast through a five foot snow drift. Note that the engineer blasts the air horn all the way through the drift to prevent it from being plugged up.
What do railways do when the drifts are even higher? They turn to a Canadian invention, the Rotary Snowplow. The rotary was invented by Canadian dentist J.W. Elliot in 1869, but a prototype wasn't built until the Leslie Brothers constructed one in 1883. For more information on the Rotary plow, visit Wikipedia's article on the rotary by clicking here.
Below we see two steam locomotives pushing a steam driven rotary. This action was captured on video a few years ago on the famed Cumbres & Toltec narrow gauge tourist railway in Colorado.
Posting by Russ Milland

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