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Weekend Report Part 1- Moving forward on numerous fronts!

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Our winter restoration season is now in full swing with our weekend crews of volunteers hard at work. Here is a report from James Rasor about last Saturday's efforts:
"We had a great work session this Saturday with many, many things being accomplished. There were actually so many teams working and finishing things and then moving on independently to the next items that I will be missing many of them for sure.
The "small tool" cabinet was completed and placed into it's first position; the new module for the first aid station and the job list was also built and placed next to the exit door - now we need a team to develop the first aid station and emergency contact numbers to complete it. Michael indicated he has some cork boards and Dan mentioned that he could get some clip boards for the job station. The old roofing removed from cleaning the top of the Jackman roof was cleaned up and the stall bin emptied into the garbage container at the machine shop. The two new locker modules seem to be well used by all and working out well - adjustments are being made to all the modular units as good ideas come forward.
The caboose had it's first day back to renovations with its roof being stripped and maintenace begun on its steps. The remaining roofwalks need to be photographed and measured up before they can be removed as well. This will be done next week. Two garbage cans were set up for the volunteers, one for recycling and one for garbage. Progress was assessed on the Jackman's roofwork which is being restored by Tom Murison and his crew. The F7 cab work was underway again as well. Overall, a great weekend effort."
Posting by Russ Milland; Picture by Lance Gleich

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