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Weekend Report Part 2 - Four simulators now operational!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
Last Sunday, Jay Larkin and I spent the morning unloading the portable simulator which we had taken to the Christmas Train Show to be a part of the TRHA exhibit as reported on in an earlier post. We then reorganized the work space around the U33c Cab to regain easy access to both it and the F7 Cab (through its nose door) and providing the space that we needed to continue to develop our "TRHC Simulations Centre" in anticipation of a busy 2011 season at the museum.
The afternoon was spent installing the remaining two sets of brake assemblies into their homes in two of the control stands. We then tested all four of the TRHC's diesel-electric cab control stands to ensure that they were all fully operational. Now that we knew that all four worked properly, we removed the display system from the U33C Cab's window to allow us to complete the restoration of the U33C's windows in the weeks to come.
This winter's challenge will be to complete the physical restoration of both the U33C and F7 Cabs with appropriate signage and interpretation and to further expand the visitor experience in their actual interaction with the simulators. We also plan to develop appropriate housing for the two portable simulators necessary to integrate the simulators into the overall 2011 visitor experience design for the museum and to easily transport them to other locales and events to promote the museum.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Lance Gleich and Russ Milland

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