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Weekend Report:Preparing the Jackman for the Winter!

Click on each picture for a closer look!
Last Saturday, the primary task tackled by our volunteers was the continued work to prepare the Jackman passenger car to be relocated form the three stalls to the park outside for the rest of the winter to provide much needed space in the three stalls for other higher priority restoration work. While the restoration of the wood in the roof and the roofing job itself will be done primarily by expert contractors, our volunteers are also working to tackle other aspects of protecting the car from the elements such as covering the windows with protective panels and cleaning up the icebox area. Clockwise from the upper left we find:
  • The team meeting with which we launch the day's activities
  • Capturing a picture opportunity from the roof of the Jackman
  • Measuring parts of the the TH&B caboose
  • Preparing the protective window panels for the Jackman
  • Painting the Jackman's protective window panels
  • The icebox on the Jackman roof after protective treatment
If you are not a volunteer at the museum but wish to help out, contact us through our contact page by clicking here. No experience is necessary! We can use help both on weekends and often during the week as well. You do not have to come out every week as we appreciate that our volunteers have other commitments in their lives as well.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Lance Gleich

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