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The Railway Children Come to Roundhouse Park - Part 1

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As announced here by Mirvish Productions, the British production of The Railway Children is coming to Roundhouse Park this summer. Marquis Entertainment will erect a one thousand seat tent theatre over our track 39 (see model below) to accommodate the steam train that is part of the show. All the news outlets were present today at a press announcement in front of over four hundred people this morning at Steam Whistle Brewing.
The production is based on the book, The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit. Wikipedia sumamrizes the book's plot as follows:

The story concerns the Waterbury family who move to Three Chimneys, a house near the railway, after the father who works at the Foreign office, is imprisoned as a result of being falsely accused of selling state secrets to the Russians. The three children, Roberta (Bobbie), Peter and Phyllis, find amusement in watching the trains on the nearby railway line and waving to the passengers. They become friendly with Albert Perks, the station porter, and with the Old Gentleman who regularly takes the 9:15 down train. He is eventually able to help prove their father's innocence, and the family is reunited. The family take care of the Russian exile, Mr Szczepansky, who came to England looking for his family (later located) and Jim, the grandson of the Old Gentleman, who suffers a broken leg in a tunnel.
The book itself is out of copyright and therefore is available for free downloading from the open source Gutenberg Project website by clicking here.
It is also available as a free downloadable audio book from the open source Librivox Project by clicking here. The book was used to make several successful TV series and a full feature film as well in 1970. In 2005 a stage musical version was first presented at Sevenoaks Playhouse in Kent, U.K.
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Posting by Russ Milland; Images from the Mirvish Productions Announcement

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