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Weekend Report: Resuming Restoration of the TH&B Caboose

Click on each image for a closer look!
This weekend, Jim and I removed the interior of the front, left and rear sides of the van copula to review the condition of the cupola wood structure as shown in the attached photos. The TH&B #70 has been through a lot of seasons since it was re-clad with metal on the sides in the 1950s and unfortunately the wood structure has succumbed to wood rot from the upper window sills all the way down to the floor due to water leakage at the joints and sills.
Today's review confirmed that the cupola roof will need to be shored in place and the volunteers will have to replace all the structural wood columns, beam, and sills, similar to the work that was done on the front end of the caboose last year. Next week, our volunteers will begin the shoring of the roof and will remove the remainder of the left conductor's seat and storage unit to be re-finished elsewhere while the side is prepared to be rebuilt.
Posting by James Rasor; Pictures by James Rasor & Russ Milland

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