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Weekend Report: Classes & more equipment moves completed!

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Sunday morning found the class room sessions for our steam locomotive driver's course wrapping up with an examination. Congratulations to the seven volunteers who all passed their steam locomotive theory exam with flying colours. The class will move on to practical studies as soon as the weather permits us to move into Roundhouse Park and practice what we have learned.
On Sunday afternoon, we had a large audience of visitors with small children as we shuffled rail cars once again. It seemed appropriate given the number of people around to allow escorted visits inside the three stalls. So several of our volunteers rose to the occasion and did just that.
Thanks also to everyone who participated in the moves. Again, we had a good sized crew with enough bodies to guard open fence locations and protect the moving train. At the end of the day the boxcar was parked outside stall 15, the flat car and engine #1 are inside stall 17 and Jackman remains parked on the turntable.
Posting by Michael Guy; Pictures by Ryan Ho

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