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Weekend Report: Part 1 - A busy, busy weekend at the Roundhouse!

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There was a lot going on this past Saturday on many, many fronts. To give you some idea of what was accomplished here are two reports from the front lines. James Rasor reports that:
  • We managed to get the hardware storage module 95% complete, painted, and hardware stored away - all it needs is a door.
  • We completely cleaned out the Green Tool bin (a very daunting task!), scoured tables, nooks and crannies, and got all our nuts, bolts, screws, and other fasteners sorted on the lunch table and managed to even get them into the module.
  • The small tool module was given a good coat of paint and Wilson placed the first complete set of screwdrivers into it.
  • The TH&B Caboose #70's left conductor platform was stripped of rotten wood and rebuilt - it is looking really great!
  • The caboose's left structure under the copula was sketched out including metal tie rods in preparation for the new work to begin next week.
  • The caboose's work area was laid out. Articles waiting to be repaired and cleaned was all finally brought into one location where we will be working on them for the next two months.
  • The forklift was brought back into the stalls from the machine shop and charged up for more heavy lifting - healthier for us!
  • One of our youngest fans and a frequent visitor, Bennett, came to visit with his mother, Carolyn who fortified us all with cake! And we finished that too!
Michael guy also reports that "another crew worked the entire day on the Pyke Crane’s electrical wiring. There seem to be numerous issues with it. It didn't help that the schematic in our book seemed to be no more than a general guide to the builders intent rather than an exact road map. By days end the fog was starting to clear and we were making progress."
And we haven’t even covered the work that was going on to build additional passenger cars for the miniature railway and to renovate the newly acquired flat car. We cover progress on these projects in part 2 of this weekend report.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by James Rasor

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