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Weekend Report: TRHA Volunteers attend The Railway Children dress rehearsal! - Pt 1 of 2

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On Sunday, May 1st, TRHA volunteers and their guests attended the final dress rehearsal for the Railway Children production. Everyone we spoke to really enjoyed the show. We were most impressed with its innovative use of a really interesting stage setup.

Elsewhere this weekend, TRHA volunteers were busy on a number of other tasks:
  • Rebuilding on of the Sweet Creek steam engine's injectors with new custom made springs which worked out very well. A second injector will also be so modified.
  • Maintenance on the miniature Whitcomb diesel engine was completed with the engine oil changed and the drive chains, horn blocks and moving parts lubricated.
  • One of the new Blue Passenger Cars was completed and the other two are in various states of completion
In the photos above, we find images of the T3 Steam locomotive and the GER carriage inside the theatre before and after the show. Picture taking is not allowed during the show of course.

In the pictures below, we watch the safety stops being tested with the Whitcomb #1. These are designed to automatically apply the train brakes should the engine proceed too far into the stage area. We also see the white picket fence which is erected during the show to allow the train unimpeded access during its several excursions into the theatre during the show. In the final picture at the lower right, a bicycle rental service system has been installed on the north edge of Roundhouse Park.

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Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by Stephen Gardiner

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