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Weekend Report: Another busy weekend delivers some impressive results!

Click on each image for a closer look!
Stephen Gardiner, one of our volunteers laboriously documented the long list of achievements by our crews of volunteers this weekend as follows:
  • The Silver tank at our door was stenciled with "Toronto Railway Heritage Centre" and our address "Unit 15"
  • The miniature railway "diversion" crew re-decked the area in front of Don Station where the track was diverted and also drilled and curved the flat bar for running across the concrete in between Steam Whistle and the tent
  • The Pit in stall 17 was thoroughly cleaned and emptied of debris from repair work on the flat car, and the area around the pit was cleared to allow preparation for the Railway Children's use of this area to commence
  • The paint storage unit was painted, filled up with our painting supplies and organized
  • Wood drip rails and metal trim for Cape Race were loaded into the box car
  • The Box car was cleaned and organized in part to make space for the Cape Race parts
  • The First Aid/Job Info Board was fitted out with signage, clipboards for task lists, and Emergency Contact Information
  • Emergency Contact Sheets were prepared for the Don Station, Mini Depot and Machine Shop
  • The end of Stall 15 which had become storage was cleaned and organized, several pallets of F7 Parts and Cape Race/Jackman Roof Vents were temporarily moved to the Machine Shop to make space, other bits were moved closer to the F7 and U33C cabs for safekeeping
  • Miscellaneous metal bits from various pieces of equipment were re-located into the Stall 15 Pit to be stored beneath the decking for now
  • The lockers, table, fridge, TV and First Aid board were re-located to their new home at the rear of Stall 15
  • We entertained a large group of kids on the patio looking at CPR 7020 as they exited the March Break Fun Fair at the Skydome. Because we had such a large crowd, we fired up the turntable and did a single full spin for a large group of happy families
  • The re-painted flatcar was shunted outside and left outside to allow No.1 to b stored inside once again
Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by Derek Boles and Lance Gleich

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