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Weekend Report: Another productive weekend in the Roundhouse!

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It was a terrific weekend with lots of volunteers turning out. Here is a list of most (but not all) of what was tackled this weekend:
  • The last module, the kitchenette, was finally constructed. Now we have a decent place for tea as well as a permanent place for our refrigerator and microwave. It still needs to be painted, wired, and have its build date added, but that should all be done quickly.
  • We decide to apply build dates to all the mobile modules recently built. If we do say so, they look great!
  • One of our teams of volunteers moved the rolling stock out of stall #16, lifted the steel plates out of stall #16 and then set these plates into place on stall #15. They then returned all the rolling stock back into stall #16. This was all done on Saturday - a very good job done in good time.
  • The south end of stall #17 was cleaned and prepared for the milling machine and drill press on Saturday leaving a clean area for the priming and painting of the new passenger cars on Sunday.
  • Another crew worked in the machine shop with the forklift to gain access to our solid timber shelving units in preparation for their disassembly and move to stall #15. On Sunday, we moved the milling machine and drill press to Stall #17.
Posting by James Rasor; Pictures by James Rasor & Lance Gleich

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