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Weekend report: Making a big dent in the workload!

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It was another productive Saturday as almost a dozen volunteers appeared for part or all of the day to make a dent in the formidable workload we always have in front of us. Among the tasks undertaken were:
  • Another miniature railway passenger car frame was completed bringing the number of completed frames to three while a significant amount of work on the fourth new car was begun.
  • The steel for the deck of the flatcar was thoroughly cleaned using a combination of impact chisel on the rust and brooms and scrapers. Next step is painting it.
  • The TH&B caboose cupola boards that have been cleaned up, the shelf boards are ready, and the seating area boards need to be flipped and have primer put on their opposite side. The cleaning of hand grabs and other metal parts for the caboose was also tackled today.
  • Our first aid/job board platform by the door to the three stalls was painted grey. We also built yet another the cabinet for storage of our paint. It too is now ready for painting.
  • One of our volunteers also did an outstanding job of cleaning tools and sawdust from the work area and starting the process of cleaning up the stalls so the Railway Children Production can move in and we can organize our space better now that the work/storage stations are almost done.
In the picture at the lower right, we see that Stall 15 is now clear. The Railway Children Production will be using part of that stall.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Stephen Gardiner & Lance Gleich

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