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Weekend report: Multiple efforts on multiple fronts!

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Last Saturday, work crews continued to work on a number of projects this past weekend. Charlie Bird of the National Railway Museum in the U.K. worked with a number of our volunteers to fit buffers on one end of the flat car to allow it to connect appropriately to the NER Director's Carriage.
Other volunteers continued to paint our riding cars and pursue other chores around the three stalls.

On Sunday, there were a number of rolling stock moves to be made. The Pyke Crane ended up outside the roundhouse doors. One of the Railway Children banners was fitted with battens and hung high off the crane hook to provide additional advertising for the production and our museum. We also took the rear doors and engine hood off of our Whitcomb diesel in preparation for a visit by a technician who will service the injectors on its diesel engines.
Posting by Russ Milland; Pictures by Stephen Gardiner, Michael Guy and James Rasor

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