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Field Trips: Railway Photos by Marilyn Cornwell - Part 1 of 2

Click on each image for a closer look!

In this series of postings, we are featuring the work of a good friend of mine, Marilyn Cornwell, who in recent years has made a career transition to being a photographer. At her website she describes herself as follows:

“Marilyn Cornwell is an artist and photographer who explores two realms - the wonder and magic of gardens and plants in the natural world and the everyday decays in the urban environment. Her garden photography mission is to capture a garden's atmosphere, spirit, and beauty in evocative images that preserve garden memories. She seeks out the essence of plants and gardens through the seasons and in the fine details of colour, texture, pattern and form.”

In the attached images, Marilyn has turned her attention to railway themed images. Here we find some very unusually beautiful images that Marilyn has captured and processed as she travels with her husband, Gerry, who is an ardent narrow gauge model railroader and the well-known proprietor of Mt. Albert Scale Lumber.

If you enjoy her work, visit her website by clicking here and use the “contact me” page to be added to her distribution list. Each day, she issues an e-mail with one of her lovely images to enjoy. The beauty of these nature images sure gets my day off to a great start!

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Posting by Russ Milland; Images by Marilyn Cornwell

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