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Weekend Report: Shunting equipment keeps our team busy!

Click on each image for a closer look!

Saturday featured a series of train movements. The bridge between Cabin D and Don Station was moved to allow Cape Race to be moved in from track 40 to stall 15 ready for later roof work. To allow that to happen the boxcar was moved to patio track 6 and all the stored materiel in the south end of stall 15 had to be removed.

A request from Leon's led to us also moving#7020 to patio 13 and relocating the line of speeder cars to patio 17 followed by clean up of patio tracks 18 and 19 and moving the security fence. Somewhere in there we stopped for lunch and also serviced the forklift battery.

Locomotive #1 is now parked at the far south end of stall 15 to be ready for installation of it's new engine and we just managed to get the doors closed behind Cape Race.

Thanks to the team of volunteers who made this all happen!

Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by Lance Gleich

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