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Cleaning and painting the engine bay in CLC Whitcomb #1

Click on each image for a closer look!

Here is a report on some recent activity in the Roundhouse:

"Michael Guy and I completed scraping and cleaning out as much of the accumulated sludge in the #1's engine bay as we could. Then we moved on to preparing it for paint, wiping down the surfaces and cutting away some un-needed brackets and mounts within the engine bay to make future maintenance easier when the engine is re-installed. The cleaned engine bay is shown in the image at the upper left.

We then had a debate over which garish shade to paint the bay. Given that it appears it was yellow before, and that the bright yellow will show up any future smudge and leaks to allow us to spot them, we went with the lovely Tremclad yellow shown in the image below.

As you can see, it will need a second coat at least, and some of the fiddlier areas around the generator weren't gotten to as we didn't have the right brushes to paint in those small spaces.

Completing the first coat and adding a second coat will be a priority task going forward in order to have #1 ready to receive her new motor in the near future. "

Posting and Pictures by Stephen Gardiner

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