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Christmas Field Trip to the Niagara Railway Museum

Click on each image for a closer look!

On Saturday, December 18th, Michael Guy and Russ Milland responded to an invitation from the Niagara Railway Museum in Fort Erie, Ontario to join them for their Christmas lunch event for their members and volunteers. I had visited them a number of times before but this was Michael’s first visit. I was impressed by the continuing massive cleanup effort showing much progress since my last visit. Over the past few years they have moved a number of pieces of their locomotive and rolling stock collection which had been stored at different locations across Ontario to the site. They have also begun to install trackage to reconnect the facility to the mainline which is only a few yards from their museum. Here are some photos of their site and their collection.

1. A view of the approach tracks under restoration to the former locomotive repair facility with an intact sanding tower in place.
2. Their excavation of a small part of the turntable pit which was part of a long gone roundhouse facility on the property.
3. Their E-7 50 ton electric locomotive built in 1919 and originally used by the Hydro Electric Power Commission in the Niagara region.
4. A view of their massive repair facility area with raised tracks allowing for access underneath their equipment.
5. Michael and Ken Jones Jr. examining two of a number of speeders owned by the museum.
6. A front view of their 0-4-0 tank engine #46 built in 1920 also for use by the Hydro Electric Power Commission in the Niagara region.

To read our more extensive earlier posting in 2010 on this museum, click here. To learn more about the Niagara Railway Museum, visit their website by clicking here.

Posting and photos by Russ Milland

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