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Weekend Report: Progress on many fronts!

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On Saturday, three projects were tackled: further preparation of stall 17 (north side) to accommodate displays in future, ongoing work on the restoration of the TH&B van and repair and renewal of the new storage racks mentioned in an earlier TRHA News posting.

There was also a concerted effort to do quite a bit of cleanup in the three stalls. The stall 17 back area was cleaned with the major piles of sawdust collected and the power tools cleaned. We then went around the stalls and emptied all the bins and boxes of garbage.

The new boards for the van's Conductors stands had their coat of primer completed and we cleaned up the floor beneath the right side conductors stand. It is now ready for new tar paper and floor boards to go in next weekend.

Work was also underway in the Miniature Railway Depot to build the brake van to be used as on our passenger trains and to reorganize the passenger car rolling stock as well.

Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by Stephen Gardiner

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