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The Remarkable Story of the Saving of the Brampton CPR Station

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Just northeast of Toronto, in the City of Brampton, a remarkable story has unfolded concerning the restoration of their century old CPR station. After it was closed by the CPR, it had a real roller-coaster ride through history. It would have been destroyed by a wrecking ball had a group of volunteers not formed the S.O.S. (Save Our Station) Committee and rushed into manually deconstruct the building and store its component parts for future rebuilding.

It has now been rebuilt with only the necessary modifications made to make it a habitable building. The station is now part of a combination public library, outdoor recreation area and elementary school for the community around Bovaird Drive and Creditview Road. It was the architectural inspiration for, and overlooks, Mount Pleasant Square, which also contains four pieces of public art by Ron Baird that celebrate the importance of the railroad in Brampton’s history. It clearly is a focal point of the Square.

Remarkably, the SOS Committee evolved into the Brampton Historical Society.

A fascinating article which describes the whole adventure in great depth has just been published in the Brampton Guardian. Click here to read that article and view the accompanying photos.

Posting By Russ Milland

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