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Weekend Report: A possible record turnout of volunteers

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There were a large number of volunteers on hand both days this weekend and a lot of work got done. Here are a few reports from the Roundhouse. Michael Guy reports as follows on the work on the miniature railway facility:

“Outstanding projects in mini depot today were the passenger car axle-replacement program and continuing work on locomotive #3's oil-burner. We track tested the blue train. On loco #3, we installed the last version of four modified burner-heads which, in common with the others, proved to be fussy and lacking heat so we ended up back with the original burner as supplied with the locomotive.

Since we were "on deck" for the CARM visit (see this News posting for more information) and running trains in test mode, inevitably we ended up giving rides to a goodly number of park visitors. It is very hard to do anything on the miniature railway without drawing attention and getting requests for rides so we do our best to accommodate people. It would be poor public relations to do otherwise. Thanks to everyone who participated - it was a good day.”

Stephen Gardiner reports on some (but not all) of the work tackled on the weekend:

“On Sunday, we tackled the completing of the display crate tops and bottoms that had been prepared and assembled on Saturday. There are now tops, bottoms and sides for the 30 medium crates mostly ready to go. A bit of fettling and adjusting is needed based on a trial assembly, but the crates should quickly go together now.

After this we gave some visitors from out of town a tour of the stalls and the mini-depot. While all this was going on, others were working on the wiring for the big machine tools in the back of Stall 17 to get them up and running to add to our ability to build, maintain and restore equipment. Finally, others did a great job of a sweep and clean of stall 17 to clear the worst of another weeks woodworking dust and leave it ready for next weeks work crews.”

Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by James Rasor & Stephen Gardiner

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