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Weekend Report: Another busy weekend in Roundhouse Park – Part 1

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As our volunteers arrived on Saturday morning, we had to manoeuvre around a big crane and the truckloads of new tanks being delivered to our neighbours at Steam Whistle. Once settled in, our volunteers got down to a laundry list of tasks big and small in and around the Temporary Museum Space. Among the many tasks tackled were:
  • Putting a second coat of urethane paint on the south half of the Stall 17 floor
  • Building risers so the engine cowl U-frame can be installed on the back of the U33C cab at the right height
  • Painting white picket fences and fenceposts for the Stall 17 fence (including a very Huck Finn like debate on which white paint to use)
  • Cleaning inside the caboose in preparation for the re-installation of the second Conductors Stand.
  • Cleaning the north end of Gp7 #4803 which is parked under the coaling tower to remove as much of the “Pigeon Guano” as possible to save the paint from the corrosive properties of the guano.
Meanwhile, our miniature railway carried several hundred passengers around Roundhouse Park.

In the photo at the lower right, we see that our TRHA garden continues to thrive beside the miniature railway depot.

Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by Stephen Gardiner and Wilson lau

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