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Toronto Railway Museum Season Opener a Great Success - Part 4 of 5

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Continuing our coverage of the Season Opening weekend at the Toronto Railway Museum, we turn to the "great outdoors" in Roundhouse Park. The miniature railway as usual was a great attraction with many hundreds of riders enjoying the experience of a trip around the Park. Turntable rides were also very popular as in past years.

Visitors also took advantage of the opportunity to tour the cabs of the CN GP9 #4807 diesel and the CNR Northern steam engine #6213, often waiting in long lines to do so.  We also put visitors to work pumping our handcar along one of our radial tracks so that they could experience how workers on the railway made their way down the tracks many years ago in the steam engine era to perform maintenance.

A few blocks away, Union Station tours were again being offered just for this weekend. They also proved to be very popular, attracting hundreds of  visitors each day.

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Posting by Russ Milland; Images by Russ Milland, Derek Boles and Richard White

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