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Rails of the GTA - Volume 2 by Thomas Blampied

Click on each image for a closer look at images from the book!

Thomas Blampied is one of our TRHA volunteers.  We asked Thomas to give us some background information on his production of his latest book on railroads in the Toronto area.  He said: 

"When I published Rails of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area - ed.) three years ago, I felt compelled to document the rapidly changing image of railroading in the GTA.  Back then, there were only a handful of MP40 locomotives on GO Transit's books; now only half a dozen of the F59s remain as two orders of MP40s have been delivered.  The last of VIA Rail's iconic F40 diesels has now been sent for a rebuild, ending VIA's iconic yellow nose paint schemes.  Even Ontario Northland's classic Northlander will cease operation later in the year.  It is clear that the fast pace of change I saw in the previous decade is going to continue as new locomotives arrive, more commuter trains and routes are put into service and even Union Station will change dramatically.

I chose to write another book because I feel very strongly that the printed page not only displays photographs better than a screen does, but it is also more permanent than electronic media.  While the internet is a wonderful place to find and share rail photographs, it is also very unstable.  This point was brought home to me when the website hosting my online photo gallery,, went bankrupt last year, rendering not only my online photos inaccessible, but also those of hundreds of other rail enthusiasts.  My online photo gallery can now be found by clicking here

I am very excited about Rails of the GTA - Volume 2.  It is my third book and I remain very impressed with the quality and ease of online print-on-demand as a medium for book publishing and distribution.  I also feel that this new book offers photography of a higher quality and interest to readers than Volume 1.  I am once again pleased to help in the preservation of the GTA's dynamic and diverse railway history and I hope this new work will be of use and enjoyment for years to come."   

Rails of the GTA - Volume 2, Further railway photographs from the lens of Thomas Blampied is available through Blurb for $25.95 CAD.  The book can be previewed by clicking here.

Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by Thomas Blampied

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