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The TRM’s Collection in HO scale - Part 2 of 4

Click on each picture for a closer look!

CNR 4803

The most recent addition to the collection is a model of our unique high nose GP7 Canadian National 4803.  Bachmann has recently produced a model of the high-nose GP7, and while it is lacking in detail straight out of the box, and does not come painted for CN, it provides a good starting point to add custom details and make modifications to represent the TRM’s GP7.  After removing some of the inaccurate molded on details, commercially available parts from Miniatures by Eric, Details West and Detail Associates were added to provide the correct pilots, ladders, lights, horns, bell and MU Cables/air lines.  With a fresh coat of CN Green 11 and decals, it becomes a very close match for the real 4803.  The photo at the upper left shows the model as it came out of the box and next two photos show the finished model.

CPR 7020

Several years ago, Atlas released the S2 in CPR Paint, but not as 7020, my model is this earlier version (as noted a RTR 7020 is being produced and will hopefully be available through the TRM Museum Store).  To represent CPR 7020, the locomotive has been re-numbered, using a model paint remover to remove the factory painted numbers, and then adding decals to provide the new number.  The only detail part added was a set of re-railers beneath the running boards.

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Posting and photos by Stephen Gardiner

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