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The TRM’s Collection in HO scale - Part 3 of 4

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TH&B Caboose 70

The TRM’s TH&B Caboose doesn’t accurately match any commercially available ready-to-run model or craftsman kit that I am aware of, but the overall dimensions of the caboose are similar to the Walthers three window wood caboose.  Strangely enough, using this as a base, makes the model quite accurate from a prototypical standpoint, as my model has “steel” sheeting made from styrene over top of the original “wood”, just like the real caboose does.  Aberdeen Car Shops is a small decal producer in Ontario who specializes in Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo railway decals, and they have produced a gorgeous set of decals for the TH&B Cabeese in different era’s, including the mid 1950’s when our caboose received its steel siding but before it was painted in the TH&B Black/Yellow Ticats scheme.  The real caboose is being restored to the pre-Ticats red paint scheme as shown on the model in its finished state in the lower two photos at left.

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Posting and photos by Stephen Gardiner

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