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Train movements entertain visitors!

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On Labour day weekend, a crew of TRHA volunteers took the opportunity to move equipment around the park in a well coordinated set of movements.  Michael Guy reports as follows:

"From 10a.m. (Saturday) we closed up locomotive #1 as planned and began moving equipment. GP9 #4803 was placed in the park on track 39 south, Cape Race was moved out onto the turntable (and later back in) and the Pyke Crane was placed finally on the turntable as a display piece for the weekend. All this activity was avidly watched by the several hundred people in the park at any given time.

We also applied some temporary plywood anti-climb plates to keep people from climbing up onto the roof of #4803 (this was successful and the ply will be replaced by plexiglas). Thereafter, for the entire day, I don't think there was ever a time when less than a dozen people (kids of all ages) were to be seen on the steps and catwalks of the locomotive taking photos and enjoying the novelty of a close encounter with a diesel locomotive.

As part of the equipment shuffle, the two track speeders currently under repair were moved into stall 15 south which will make life much easier for our machinist/mechanics."

Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by Stephen Gardiner

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