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Donations: Buffalo Drill Press and an Oaken Desk and Chair

The late Howard Moore was a long time member of the Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers (GHLS).  His sons, Brian and Steve Moore, also members of the GHLS have kindly donated a drill press and a oaken desk and chair which were owned by Howard. The chair and desk would have been very typical of what would have been found in Cabin D, where we plan to locate it.

The almost antique Buffalo drill press is now running again and has a fresh coat of grey paint. These machines were produced by the Canadian Blower and Forge Company of Kitchener from 1930 until 1975.

There was one broken iron casting to be repaired which we did by brazing. The lobster-pot burner visible in one of the photos is the pre-heat burner used to bring this rather heavy casting up to a temperature where an oxy-propane torch could be used to make the joint.

If you have items that we might need that you would like to donate, contact us to let us know!

Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by Michael Guy

Click on each image for a closer look!



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