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Mike Filey shares Historic Toronto Railway Images: Part 2 of 3

We continue our exploration of historic railway images from courtesy of Mike Filey, author of the  recently published Toronto Sketches, Volume 11:

#8 - Shows a Canadian Pacific passenger train crossing over the "half-mile" bridge in the Don Valley near the Brick Works, probably in the early 1920's. In a few minutes the train would be stopping at Don Station before the final leg to Union. The bridge shown here was built circa 1890 and extensively rebuilt in 1928 to accommodate heavier trains and locomotives.

#9 - Is the platform in front of Davenport Station looking north in 1923. This is on the pioneer Ontario, Simcoe & Huron route, later CNR's Newmarket Sub. The freight house is on the left and a section house on the right. The two boys, although blurred, add human interest to an otherwise static scene.

#10 - Shows the Toronto Wholesale Fruit Market at the foot of Yonge Street. The structure was built in 1866 as the Toronto terminal of the Great Western Railway. After the GWR was taken over by the Grand Trunk in 1882 and the passenger trains moved to Union Station, the structure became a freight house and a fruit market.

#11 - This detail shows the back side of the Fruit Terminal looking along The Esplanade towards Scott Street. A Pacific Fruit Express refrigerator car used to transport fruit and produce from California is parked on the siding. The building was destroyed by fire in 1952 and the Sony Centre now occupies the site.

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Posting by Derek boles; Photos courtesy of Mike Filey

Click on each image for a closer look!

#8 - Half mile bridge at Brick Works, Don Valley in early 1920's
#9 - Davenport Station platform in 1923
#10 - Toronto Wholesale Fruit Market (front)

#11 - Toronto Wholesale Fruit Market (back)

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