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Weekend Report: Blitzing the TH&B Caboose!

Neville Fairclough reports on the great progress last Saturday:

"We had a long hard day with great turnout of volunteers and a great deal accomplished.   The van looked terrific by end of our work day – approximately 6pm!!! 

The list of accomplishments is formidable:
  • The sink area and ceiling inside were scraped sanded and painted. 
  • The stove was installed on its floor plate. 
  • Chimney measurements were made. 
  • A piece of baseboard was installed. 
  • Windows are now ready for final installation. 
  • All the cupola seats are now ready for painting and installation. 
  • The internal floor was scraped ready for red/brown floor paint. 
  • Work on cleaning hardware is well progressed. 
  • A new marker lamp outlet box was installed. 
  • The new access steps were installed. 
  • The cupola seat backs were readied for re upholstery. 
  • Final preparation of the side for painting
  • The workshop was swept and washed down!!!

.... and we did get a coat of paint over the full area of the new side now available to us."

Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by Michael Guy, Lance Gleich, Alex Ruppel

Click on each image for a closer look!

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