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Steam Whistle Brewery donates a CN Baggage Cart

Recently Steam Whistle Brewing recently generously donated the baggage cart that has been featured in their public space for many years.  As we found the lettering "Can Nat 780" on it, we believe that it once belonged to the CNR.

Since its arrival, volunteers from Leon's at the Roundhouse, who share the Roundhouse with ourselves and Steam Whistle, have been busily re-painting this baggage cart as well as the baggage cart that we have displayed on the Don Station platform.

Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by Michel Guy and Russ Milland
Click on each image for a closer look!
"Can Nat 780" as donated
Repainting the CN cart
Repainting the CN baggage cart
The finished CN baggage cart
Re-painting the Don Station baggage cart

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