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Cleaning out the Cape Race

With the restoration of the TH&B Caboose almost complete, our restoration volunteers have turned their attention to the Cape Race.  Our crew has been hard at work cleaning out this passenger car in preparation for restoration.

As mentioned in a prior post, our immediate priority is to finish re-surfacing the roof with a weather proof membrane and replacing the windows to make sure that the interior is protected from the elements. This will allow us to store the car outside when necessary between restoration phases. The wooden roof structure itself was rebuilt a couple of years ago so it is in great shape.

In the photos below, we have captured the car as it is today before we begin rebuilding and refinishing it.

Click here to visit our web page which speaks to two of our three passenger cars and scroll down to read about the history of the Cape Race.

Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by Lance Gleich

Click on each image below for a closer look!


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