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Historical Photo: CNR 6060 and Railway Workers in 1945

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Susan Forint recently posted to our Facebook page a link to a blog item that she had produced about this fascinating photo from 1945. Here is some of what she shared in that blog item:

"While The Canadian is lead by a decidedly more modern locomotive, the Canadian National Railways 1944 U-1-f class locomotives were a class of twenty 4-8-2 or Mountain type locomotives built by Montreal Locomotive Works. They were numbered 6060–6079 by CN and nicknamed ‘Bullet Nose Bettys’ due to their distinctive cone-shape smokebox door cover.

My personal connection to the 6060  comes with family ties, and this 1945 photograph.Taken in Toronto, it was mailed to my grandfather in 1945, as the original  envelope indicates, leading me to believe that my grandfather is in the crowd around and on top of this engine. Alas my father would likely have been able to answer that question, but as each day goes by since his passing I realize there were so many more questions I had for him, that of course could never all be answered in one’s lifetime.  ....."

To read the rest of her blog item, click here.

Posting by Russ Milland; Photo reproduced with permission of Susan Forint

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