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Finally, Train Order Boards acquired and installed at Don Station!

Yesterday, November 14th 2013 is another significant day in the extended life of Don Station. For several years now, we have been searching for the right signal boards to complete our restoration of Don Station.

Today the station received its crown jewels, identical train order signal boards. A couple of weeks ago Russ Milland noticed a posting in which a collector advertised for sale station order signal equipment and asked if they were right for our purposes. Long story short, yes they were exactly what we required. So Michael Guy made the trip to Kitchener, picked them up and brought them to the roundhouse. 

I picked up the boards there and over the past few days restored one of the two, to match the one we already have had for a few years. 

Today after lunch I assisted Michael as he installed them atop the station. Don Station now has her proper train order signal boards. Michael went the extra mile to have them light up at night as evidenced by his beautiful night shot. 

Posting by John Mellow; Photos by John Mellow and Michael Guy

Click on each image for a closer look!

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