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Historical Video: St. Thomas's rich railway history

St. Thomas, Ontario was a major railway centre and had four major railways both passing through it as well as having local servicing facilities. Today, the city and Elgin County are very active in developing historical railway attractions in the community. They also host railway themed events several times a year.

In the video above, the Elgin Historical Society have produced an excellent historical record of railway actiivity in their area.

The Elgin County Railway Museum and the restoration of the massive Canada Southern Railway Station are centre pieces among St. Thomas's railway attractions. Note the museum's intriguing logo below which features their beautiful CNR Hudson 4-6-4 steam engine #5700 (also shown below)

Posting by Russ Milland

Click on each image for a closer look!

St. Thomas's Canada Southern Railway Station
Museum  Logo
CNR Hudson 4-6-4 #5700

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