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For sale: Tom Miller's Miniature Railway with a home thrown in!

Among miniature railway enthusiasts, one railway modeler on the west coats in Oregon is quite famous for the 11,000 foot miniature railways he has developed personally, rather than as part of a club.  In an online posting he has noted that as he grows older and spends half the year in Arizona, the time has come for him to find a buyer for this 19 acre property, his outdoor railway and his dramatic in-door model railway in F-Scale of the Denver and Rio Grande Railway.  He does not expect to sell it all quickly as he needs the right buyer who wants it all. He intends to continue in the hobby, possibly keeping his wonderful engines if a buyer does not want them.

Tom is also renowned for having commissioned a 7 1/2" gauge model of the Union Pacific Big Boy, the world's largest locomotive to have been produced in significant numbers.  Apparently, it cost $250,000 to build and was flown from England to Oregon on completion.

The good news is that he and the firm selling it all has posted a number of videos that allow us to visit it and appreciate what he has built. Here are those videos plus some other views of his railway:
  • The 3 minute Youtube video above presents the miniature railway really well
  • Click here to visit the sales page for his home and railway and then click on the 7 minute video on that page for an even more thorough look at it all
  • Click here for a page of still images of his layout during a special event held on his property in the year 2000.
  • Click here for a 2 minute interview with Tom Miller about his passion for the hobby.
  • In the the 6 minute YouTube video below, Tom Miller explains how we built his magnificent indoor F-Scale layout.  
  • Click here and here for 2 six minute closeup videos of the models on the F-Scale layout.
  • .. and finally, click here for a 2 minute YouTube video of Tom's Big Boy under steam.
Posting by Russ Milland

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