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Historical Photos: Toronto Rail Lands - April 1976

The two images shown here were taken in April of 1976 by Dave Howard, an avid railway photographer who is a fellow member of the Niagara Division of the Canadian Railway Historical Association (CRHA).

The  image above was taken looking northward across John St. at a small yard on the south side of King Street.  Note the following:
  • CP S2 switcher #7073 backing into the yard to pick up a lone box car.
  • The old manual operated crossing gate
  • The PCC trolley at the far right
  • Honest Ed's "Old Ed's" restaurant where you had to wear a a tie to dine but they supplied you with one if you were not wearing one. 
In the image below,  the switcher is now heading westward, after picking up the box car. Note the roof patch on the watchman shanty, and the CP Multimark symbols on both the switcher and box car.  The watchman's shanty is the one we have restored in Roundhouse Park.

Read Derek Boles' extensive report on our watchman's shanty and the history of this area by clicking here.

Posting by Russ Milland; Images by David Howard
Click on each image for a closer look!

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