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Update: London Ontario Roundhouse Restoration Project

As we reported in an earlier TRHA News Posting, an old roundhouse in London, Ontario has survived from the 1880's to today.  Researchers believe, based on the earliest known insurance fire map of the area (show below) that it was built by the Michigan Central Railway. However, some still believe that the Great Western Railway which had a presence in London at the time may have built it.

It has been occupied in the past by a fruit company and more recently by the Great West Steakhouse restaurant. It is being restored to its original condition but with a modern internal infrastructure to be occupied by a pair of high tech businesses.

On February 28th, 2014, CTV News in London has posted a video of the beginning of the demolition of structures attached to the Roundhouse which had been added to it over the years.  Click here to view that video.  Curiously, they advise that "large archways" are being revealed.  CTV seems not to have asked what the archways were for.  They are the original doors through which the steam engines entered and left the roundhouse.

The restoration is remarkable in that the property owner is determined to restore the roundhouse to as close to its original condition as possible which is admirable.  

To keep up with the progress of the restoration and learn more about the history of the Roundhouse, click here to follow the blog devoted to the project and click here to visit the London Roundhouse website. There, you will find many fine images of the Roundhouse both taken in the past and as it is being restored. A few of these images are shown here.

Posting by Russ Milland

Click on each image for a closer look!
1881 Insurance Fire Map
As the Catalano & Sansone Wholesale Fruit
Restoration Plans
Restoration Plans

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