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Virtual Tour of the O. Winston Link Museum

One of my favourite railway museums in the O. Winston Link Museum  in Roanoke, Virginia.  I visited there in 2010 and reported out on the experience in a two part TRHA News Posting which you can read by clicking here.   The museum is devoted to chronicling the life of O. Winston Link and displaying much of his incredible collection of photographs of railways and railway life.

The museum now offers a virtual tour of the museum which seems to be based on the use of Google Maps technology.  It is a little awkward to navigate the museum but nevertheless demonstrates how a museum like ours can make virtual tours available to the world at large.

The opening image is shown below.  To visit the main part of the museum, head to the left to the door on the main floor which has a large “N&W Ry” logo showing through and go down the stairs. The O. Winston Link museum is housed on the lower level of the restored railway station. 

To start your virtual tour, click here.  

Dave Wetherald and Michael Guy visited the Roanoke Railwalk in 2013. It is right beside the Museum. Click here to read that field report. 

Posting by Russ Milland

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